What Now?

What Now Front Cover

Title: What Now? : Transform your bible-in-a-year reading from one of trivial pursuit to the pursuit of God!
Kristopher K. Barnett
 Bible Study 
Publication Date: Nov 1, 2011
Pages: 392
Paperback ISBN: 978-0-9830760-2-5
E-Book ISBN:

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Description: Do the cultures and customs of the Bible seem distant and foreign? Do you wonder how the Bible relates to your life today? Does your Bible reading leave you wondering, What Now?

What Now? bridges the gap between the world of the Bible and the contemporary world through it’s compelling life application questions designed to guide the reader into a deeper understanding of how God’s Word relates to their every day life, ultimately moving the reader from simply reading the Word to living the Word.

What Now? follows a daily reading plan that walks you through the entire Bible in a year, including passages from the Old Testament, New Testament, Psalms and Proverbs.


Reading God’s Word is a valuable discipline, but how much more valuable would it be if you spent time reflecting on the implications of a text for your own life? In What Now?, Kristopher Barnett provides strategic questions that guide the reader through the process of such reflection, allowing you to wrestle with the practical issues prompted by each biblical text. A devotional plan to read through the Bible in a year takes on new depth with this wonderful tool.

Dr. Michael Duduit, Executive Editor, Preaching Magazine

While many Christians have good intentions of reading through the Bible in a year, they never finish. One reason is that they view their reading as the pursuit of a goal instead of the pursuit of God. In What Now?, Kris Barnett provides a much needed tool to help Christians pursue a growing relationship with God by learning to apply the truth of His Word to everyday life.  Use it in your daily quiet time with the prayer that it will help you know God better, love Him more, and become better equipped to serve His purpose in everything you do.

Dr. Fred Stone, Pastor, Pickens First Baptist Church, Pickens SC
Past President of the South Carolina Baptist Convention

I’ve read the Bible. I’ve rushed through the Bible. But the best Bible intake involves meditation and application. God wants us to slow down and think about what He has said. Dr. Barnett helps the faithful Bible reader achieve both. I look forward to using What Now? in my reading as well as encouraging our church to use What Now? in private and family devotions.

Dr. C. Stewart Holloway, Pastor, First Baptist Church, Pineville, LA