Kyle Cook

Kyle CookAuthor of Tug & Arnie : In The Gardener’s Hands

Ohio native Kyle Cook was given the idea for Tug and Arnie in the fall of 2010 and began the process of fulfilling a dream of becoming a published writer. Always passionate about reading and writing, Kyle was inspired to become an author by story tellers like Jules Verne and S.E. Hinton, and was encouraged in his writing career by not only his parents, but the teachers he encountered within the Johnstown Monroe school district, specifically Ms. Ballard, Mrs. Bender and Mr. Barnhard.

After many years of attempting to write a great novel it would be out of desperately seeking God in November of 2010 that Kyle was inspired to use the gift that God gave him to rewrite the parable found in the gospel of John chapter 15. To retell it in a way that relates to kids and adults alike, and to show it is a journey; a long journey in fact, and often times not that easy, but never taken alone.