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Focus5 principles are designed to provide you with clear steps, insights, and examples that are intended to inspire you to your own degree of greatness.

Your Growing Season

Your Growing Season

When we partner with the Holy Spirit, together we accomplish the impossible: we are made into the likeness of Christ.Not only are we changed, but through our joint efforts with the Spirit, the world is changed. Now is the season to grow with the Holy Spirit!

Diary of a Patriot

Diary Of A Patriot

Eleven year old Daniel lives on a family farm outside of Williamsburg. His diary tells stories of family, fun and friends. As the year of 1775 progresses, Daniel writes more about the rumblings of the Revolution and learns some of the most important lessons of his life: how to forgive an enemy and the real meaning of being a patriot?



Without a doubt the life experience that stands out and allowed me to grow the most in Christ-like character has been being Kylie’s mom. The diagnosis twenty two years ago has turned out to be one of the hardest, yet most rewarding experiences to ever happen to me and my family.

The Adventures Of White Lightning On The Great Silk Road

The Adventures Of White Lightning On The Great Silk Road

The adventures of White Lightning take place in the Tien Shan Mountains of Central Asia. It is the story of a young horse and how he comes to understand and trust the great Tangri, Creator God. It is a story of making mistakes and facing the consequences, of courage in the face of evil…

Five Minutes To Midnight

Five Minutes To Midnight Front Cover

Five Minutes To Midnight : Stories of God’s Faithfulness in Central Asia. In these pages are some of our most significant memorial stories that reflect the pilgrimage of an ordinary person in the hands of an extraordinary God living among those who have never heard the Gospel.

What Now?

What Now

What Now? bridges the gap between the world of the Bible and the contemporary world through it’s compelling life application questions designed to guide the reader into a deeper understanding of how God’s Word relates to their every day life, ultimately moving the reader from simply reading the Word… to living the Word.

Diary of a Cabin Girl

The Heritage Diaries - Diary of a Cabin Girl

In 1728, twelve-year-old Nicole works as a cabin girl on the ship, Storm Haven. She cannot tell you her last name, because she was separated from her family when she was very young. On bits of paper, she records the days events. How could she ever know that her diary would see the most drastic changes of her life? When she finally finds out what has been missing all along, it turns out to be a lot more than her family.

Tug & Arnie – In The Gardener’s Hands

Tug & Arnie

Say hello to Tug and Arnie, a traveling bug and a working bee who are at the start of an amazing adventure to explore the Gardener’s tree. Read about how the unlikely duo meet and come to know the Gardener; and discover the Biblical truths he teaches regarding true friendship and safe travels.

Fearful To Fearless

Fearful To Fearless

Fearful to Fearless brings together those passages of scripture that demonstrate or direct us to not be afraid, to not worry or be anxious, to look to Christ for strength and comfort, and be transformed to have a worshipful fear and awe of God.